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Rotary Muffler 2282 Replaces Tecumseh 32401
Rotary Muffler 2282 Replaces Tecumseh 32401

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Description Technical Specs
Rotary Muffler 2282 Replaces Tecumseh 32401
  • This muffler is used on many different applications, please be sure it fits prior to purchasing. Here is a list of some of the applications it can be used on:
    H40-55000F H40-55000G H40-55009G H40-55015F H40-55016F H40-55016G H40-55028F, 55028F-H40 H40-55030F H40-55030G H40-55031F H40-55031G H40-55042G H40-55046F H40-55046G H40-55051G H40-55064F H40-55074F H40-55074G H40-55078F H40-55096F H40-55099F H40-55102F H40-55108F H40-55111F H40-55116F H40-55117F H40-55119F H40-55121F H40-55121G H40-55123F H40-55124F H40-55124G H40-55125F H40-55126F H40-55128F H40-55129F H40-55132F H40-55132G H40-55134F H40-55134G H40-55135F H40-55135G H40-55136F H40-55136G H40-55140G H40-55141G H40-55142G H40-55143F H50-65000F H50-65000G H50-65000H H50-65000J H50-65000K H50-65000L H50-65000M H50-65000N H50-65000P, 65000P-H50 H50-65015F H50-65015G H50-65020F H50-65020G H50-65020H H50-65020K H50-65031F, 65031F-H50 H50-65031H, 65031H-H50 H50-65031K H50-65040F H50-65040G H50-65040H H50-65040K H50-65043F, 65043F-H50 H50-65052H H50-65059F, 65059F-H50 H50-65059H, 65059H-H50 H50-65059K H50-65065F H50-65065G H50-65067F H50-65067G H50-65067H H50-65072F H50-65072G H50-65072H H50-65072J H50-65072K H50-65076F H50-65076G H50-65076H H50-65077F H50-65077G H50-65077H H50-65080F, 65080F-H50 H50-65081F H50-65081H H50-65083F H50-65083G H50-65083H H50-65083J H50-65084F H50-65084G

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